TemptingFling.com Has All Types Of Tips To Rip Men And Women Off

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Internet Site Details:


  • 10 loans will set you back $14.99 that breaks down to $1.49 per information.
  • 25 credits will cost you $34.99 that stops working to $1.39 per message.
  • 50 credits will set you back $64.99 that reduces to $1.29 per information.
  • 100 credit will cost you $119.99 that reduces to $1.19 per information.
  • 200 loans costs $199.99 that breaks down to $1.99 per information.


If you’re search badooing for real answers with regards to TemptingFling.com then these records is actually for you. We joined the internet site and created a free profile therefore we could examine and look into the site. We desired to find out if this site had been legitimate, or if perhaps it actually was a fraud. What we should’ve completed is we have incorporated proof of unlawful run inside the investigative report. Look for every thing below.

Involving Fake Internet Dating Sites

TemptingFling is linked to all types of different fake hookup web sites. This long record contains LocalFlingFinder.com, SimpleFlirts.com, YourLocalFling.com, and FlingSecrets.com. All web sites seem identical. They actually express alike database of users. The thing different may be the title regarding the websites several aesthetic photos, anything else is strictly the exact same on most of these internet sites.

We Got Inundated With Fake Email Messages

 As we joined up with this site we got 12 communications within 1 hour. This is certainly definitely crazy. For all the record we have accomplished 100s and countless evaluations when we’ve examined legitimate web pages we obtain not many (or no) messages. But, when a web site is actually phony it’s the complete opposite. We get deluged with numerous emails. This is just what occurred on this subject site. To have a lot of messages this kind of a few days structure is actually a really strong indication this web site isn’t legitimate.

It is crazy should you decide read the mail that looks enjoy it’s actually been authored by a real person but unfortunately these e-mails are typical computer system produced utilizing high tech and also sophisticated pc software chat spiders. You might be questioning what’s the point of having plenty email messages that aren’t even genuine? A lot of people have no idea these are artificial messages then when they have swamped with the amount of email messages from hot searching females they are going to like to reply returning to the email messages. But you cannot answer emails until you buy credits. This con is like all online dating scams, it’s exactly about cash. They want to fool you into buying credits, that is their bread and butter..

(sample showing just some of the fake e-mails we received.)

Fake Females Profile Proliferate This Incredible Website!

Enticing Fling is entirely phony just could be the web site sending you computer-generated email messages but every profiles that individuals’ve viewed are artificial. Each girl that sent you a message was not actually a real individual. We know this for an undeniable fact because we got the time commit and study the conditions and terms page as well as in the conditions and terms web page they state that users with a heart symbol are imaginary pages, physically interviewing these users isn’t really possible. As we read that individuals started analyzing all of the pages on the site and guess what every profile we viewed had a heart icon onto it!

Samples Of Phony Dating Users

 Below you can see examples of a few of the phony matchmaking profiles and they have the white-heart on right-hand section of the picture. You will find thousands much more artificial users in which these originated from. But with these three examples we had been able to find completely in which these profile photographs happened to be stolen from. We’ve noted the links and you’ll discover exactly the same photo on adult image sites. Something this mean? This means that TemptingFling.com steals pictures of recreational pornstars and they build artificial users on their website and pawn all of them off as genuine people when in reality they aren’t genuine whatsoever.

(this really is an artificial profile, perhaps not a proper member of your website.)

  • https://thumbs3.imgbox.com/a6/0c/Tr611lfS_t.jpeg
  • https://i91.fastpic.ru/thumb/2017/0930/d6/6980938c7286db896519e27480df82d6.jpeg
  • https://i.imgur.com/bbw6noYr.jpg
  • https://www.flirtbericht.be/pictures/360/helenAAA-64914.jpg
  • See article on imgur.com

  • https://x3vid.com/images/15598/https:__ep2.xhcdn.com_000_151_902_103_1000.jpg

See post on imgur.com

(it is a fake profile, not a genuine member of the site.)

  • http://static.ohix.com/photos/Salope-de-luxe/3.jpg
  • http://thumbs2.imagebam.com/0b/01/18/e22a081045631234.jpg
  • https://img3.pixroute.com/i/00723/1ysbnysafmka_t.jpg
  • https://i66.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/1118/42/a3e1c0952865dde4cf95d99bb980b942.jpeg
  • https://img20.pixroute.com/i/00329/psbkquhzod49_t.jpg

(this really is a phony profile, perhaps not a genuine person in this site.)

  • http://img249.imagevenue.com/loc422/th_579017613_635191789052160546_123_422lo.jpg
  • http://img228.imagevenue.com/loc217/th_904170299_heavyjugshotlady1_123_217lo.jpg

Providers (Staff Members) Are Paid To String You Along

In stipulations web page they stated your users are fictional and your relationships will likely be with providers. What does all this hateful? This means whenever you are replying and sending out e-mails and quick communications you are in fact getting workers dealing with behalf in the website. These people are compensated to string you along. They perform and pretend they are the ladies for the dating users however these are not the folks you are emailing. Typically your own communicating with men and not also women. Referring to simply a career in their eyes. Work information is to obtain one to buy as many credit as you can so that they can make the maximum amount of money off you as they can. They will sit to you personally, they’re going to deceive both you and they are going to fool you, it is all element of work obligation working as a member of staff of TemptingFling.com.

The Terms And Conditions Features More Proof Of The Scam

 Into the stipulations page like we already mentioned they declare that their website is actually an activity service, that’s one thing many different from a matchmaking web site. In addition they admit the online dating pages tend to be make believe as well as your connections can be with providers. These operators are in fact staff members in the site. They are acknowledge that profiles designated with a heart symbol are fake matchmaking pages, therefore cannot literally meet the feamales in these fake profiles. You can read both sentences below or visit this connect to be taken directly to the stipulations web page.

  • “You additionally recognize that this is a fantasy enjoyment service and also at the profiles are imaginary plus connections should be with operators.”
  • “Profiles designated with a cardiovascular system symbol are imaginary performers users versus people users, physical exposure to these users is not possible.”

Hosting Server Tips:

  • Address Of Host: 1200 twelfth Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Label Servers: ns-1476.awsdns-56.org,ns-1747.awsdns-26.co.uk,ns-363.awsdns-45.com,ns-971.awsdns-57.net

Contact Info :

  • Phone: 1-855-284-2274
  • Addresses: Meteor Interactive B.V., Savannahweg 17, 3542aw Utrecht The Netherlands
  • E-mail:
  • Web Page: Temptingfling.com/helpdesk

Final Choice:

We have offered you all the data that we could find out. The web site freely admits which they develop fake profiles and hire workers. That’s plenty of proof to demonstrate you this amazing site is actually a fraud.

Look For Females:

When you need to discover genuine females, then view these legit matchmaking websites.

File A Study

  • Get in touch with the higher Business Bureau and file an issue if you think that you’ve been scammed or tricked.
  • You’ll be able to submit a criticism using Federal Trade Commission at FTCComplaintAssistant.gov

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